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BrexitReadiness Assessment Application
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Is your company ready for the Brexit?Find it out with our free assessment. You will immediately receive the result of your individual Brexit readiness assessment by email.

What are the effects of Brexit?It is currently unclear where the parliament is driving with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It also remains unclear whether there will be an “orderly exit” of Great Britain (Brexit Deal), a so-called "hard Brexit" (No-Deal) or another referendum on Brexit. Your company should be prepared for various possible scenarios. Our Brexit checklist is based on the assumption that the UK will end its EU membership on 31 January 2020, at 23.00 UK time, meaning the UK will leave the common EU market.

It is clear that institutions with the companies in Germany should adapt to changes with respect to the exchange of goods and services with the UK. This might affect all companies registered in, or having business relations with the United Kingdom.

If your company has concerns about one of these constellations, our free assessment should help you to understand your "Brexit-Readiness".
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